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https://apps.theishtargate.com/calendar/london - current calendar for London
https://apps.theishtargate.com/calendar/babylon/2020/01/31 - calendar for Babylon at midday local time on 31 January 2020
(only years 1971-2100 are supported due to technical limitations)

Cities in database:
Mesopotamia, Near East and West Asia: uruk, babylon, nippur, ashur, nineveh, baghdad, jerusalem, damascus, beirut
Europe: london, paris, berlin, prague, bucharest, reykjavik
North America: toronto, chicago, newyork, losangeles, vancouver, columbus
South America: riodejaneiro
South and East Asia: seoul
Africa: johannesburg
Australasia and the Pacific: melbourne, honolulu

If your city is not in the database, please ask for it to be added at https://www.theishtargate.com/Contact

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